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Inbound & Outbound Marketing for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Brokers

Posted by Ned Bubic on March 17, 2014
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Consumers no longer rely on cold calls, direct mail, TV or billboards, — a.k.a. outbound marketing — to learn about products and services, because the web has empowered them. Savvy business professionals are realizing the trend to inbound marketing and are adjusting their marketing budgets accordingly toward inbound marketing tactics

We came across this infographic, produced by Voltier Digital from 2011, but still a fantastic summary for anyone requiring a brush up on why consumers rely on inbound marketing to learn about products and services!  Check it below.

Inbound marketing = attracting customers by earning their attention!  Helping your website visitors, prospects and customers find your information when they need it most — ie. when they are searching for information about your industry/products and services online!

Web – website design, user experience, fresh content marketing through blogs/video/case studies/infographics/testimonials/case studies/etc.
Social Media – connecting and sharing experiences through Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!
SEO – Top of Google rankings through Onpage and Offpage activities

Outbound marketing = is pushy and disruptive marketing activities that simply don’t work anymore.

Print Ads
Cold Calling
Direct Mailing
Banner Ads
TV ad spots

Additional differences that you should have under your belt by now can be seen below.  Enjoy the infographic!

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