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5 Reasons Managed Social Media Help is Good for Your Real Estate or Mortgage Business

Posted by Alexandra Weremchuk on February 5, 2014
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Navigating your way through the perils of social media with the help of the RIGHT professional social media team on your side can have several important benefits to your Broker business.  Creating content juice to feed your blog and social media channels can be very time consuming.  If you're stuck for time, we say "go for it" and explore your outsourcing options.  But start slow and evaluate content quality from day 1.  It's important to establish some rules of engagement with your outsource team from the get-go.  You'll know you have the right team on your side if they understand these 5 benefits to your Real Esate or Mortgage business:

5.  Protecting your brand - In a world where comments on social media can take on a life of their own, knowing that all your brokers/agents have a professional voice is not only important for your company but for the brokers/agent themselves. When a negative comment gets out there it can be hard to recover. Case in point, IAC employee Justine Sacco and the ensuing aftermath - what not to do:  http://ow.ly/tjIa8  

Navigating Social Media with Urbo4.  Understanding your audience -  A priority in creating your social media strategy is knowing your audience and knowing what info meets their day to day needs will keep them coming back for more. http://ow.ly/tjuYj 

3.  Consistency without oversharing - Having regular activity on social can create that open door policy you are looking for. Are you putting out the welcome mat? http://ow.ly/tjxwj 

2.  Go where the people are - By being in multiple social media channels you are able to put yourself where your clients tend to congregate and because that might be different for different people, taking part in the key spaces is a great place to start. http://ow.ly/tjAw2 

1.  Using the best tools to grow your business - As most entrepreneurs know growing their business can take a lot of work and learning to delegate is a key skill to freeing up time for the things you do best. http://ow.ly/tjy90 

Have you ever considered outsourcing parts of your social media marketing , or are you currently doing so?  Share your comments and experiences with other Brokers below.

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